We are a highly qualified concierge nursing, travel assistance and consultation service company. Our job is to focus our full attention attaining your goals by paying attention to detail, making your success our success. Caring and empathizing with every situation,
keeping your well being our priority.

I have been in the healthcare industry since 1995. My career started as a staffing coordinator then progressed to becoming a registered nurse in 1999. As an RN I have worked in several high acuity areas; intensive care, cardiovascular intensive care, emergency room & post operative care unit (pediatrics and adults), as well as cardiac cath lab. I have the ability to educate, follow timelines, awareness ofprompt action, and preform care on all levels. Having such an extensive healthcare knowledge, Ihave also assisted with legal litigation’s with successful outcomes.

-Deborah Kehoe, RN, BSN & CEO 

See What Others Have To Say

“I have witnessed Deborah display excellent clinical and leadership skills. For example, her leadership made it possible for the cardiac lab recovery area to improve work flow and organization. Deborah quickly improved a chaotic area into one that was safe and efficient. She helped to train many new staff, patients and physicians who trusted her skill and judgement.”

-Sara Gelo, MSN, RN-BC

“She is a very attentive and compassionate nurse. Her skill level is well above most nurses in her field. Deborah does more than expected of her, I often witnessed her working her position, precepting staff and or being the charge nurse for the day. She always has a smile and a great attitude. She has a great relationship with patients, staff, and physicians.”

-Rowema Fernandez, CRNA

“I was 100% confident that my patient would be getting the best care. I knew that she would be astute with her assessments and pick up on any sort of complication immediately, whether it be surgical or anesthesia related. I also knew if she called me about a patient after I had left the PACU it was for very good reason. I was 100% confident that she knew what the patient needed and I was comfortable providing a verbal order until there was time for me to return and assess the situation.”

-Kristen Mumme, MSN, CRNA JFK Medical Center

“Deborah is one of the most compassionate fun-loving nurses I’ve ever. met. You anticipated my needs even before I asked I greatly appreciate you.”

-Denise, Patient